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We take pride in further capturing the live moments of your event-its all about movement, happenings and much more....! It's all about recalling the moments through Video!


Wedding Day Portraits

Bride & Groom Portraits

Incorporating the concepts and ideas to create the best portrait results.

Usually clients select the spot nearest to their venue of the event. Some couples book for sea shore, city buildings and parks, too. 


The Royal

The most Important Details

The idea behind capturing those little details that you spent time needs to be worth remembered. 

The henna, the jewelry, the watch, accessories and the decor!


What an auspicious moment! I love to see you giggle, laugh and enjoy your special day when you were born! 

Engagement Portrait Session

The Engagement sessions are usually conducted to mark the final milestone of being "a couple" before starting a new journey of life as "Husband & Wife"!

It is a great way to know more about your wedding day photographer and it also helps me understand my couple's photography demands and requirements.

It is a great idea to do the engagement session as it provides you with the pictures and content for your wedding day guest book!

Anniversary Portraits

Mark your milestone and "retake" the sessions. Recall the days and RE_FRESH your memories!

It is always a great idea to rejuvenate the tradition of being photographed AGAIN for once in a mode of "getting married", "proposing" or anything that you can relate to your life that had happened earlier in your life and dates back to the time when you were getting into the sweet and everlasting relationship of "husband & wife"! Anniversary photo shoots are always so RE-FRESHING!


Multi-cultural Wedding Photographer

Till this date, I have photographed multi culture weddings & events. These include Afghani, Jewish, Hindu & Muslim wedding & event ceremonies.

This has been an amazing time frame of my professional life where it brought me even more closer to the traditions & cultures. Happiness is the same, tears are alike, events are based on same perspectives, its only the way of expression that is unique! 


I am Mehreen ~ Your Wedding Day Photographer!

I am a Texas based wedding photographer. relocated from Southern California.

My focus is your wedding day details, sentiments and  to preserve your memories. I am a detail oriented & an observant person who is ever ready with the camera as not to miss the important moments of your day! 

I always schedule a complimentary phone call with my potential clients & invite them to brain-storm sessions and a round of question & answers. It helps us both to draft the planning for the photography of your event and photo shoot.

Your day is important to me and my clients are like my family where I like to share their laughs, moments and sentiments through the journey of clicking photographs! I am happy that many of the couples chose me as their "family member"!


  Recognized & Featured!

2021 recognition
Maharani weddings 2021

Featured on Maharani Weddings

A magical love story of Umar & Kainat began with the Nikah ceremony held at the local mosque in Lahore where their childhood friendship took a turn towards sweet delicate relationship of being life partners forever.

Your Investment

Each couple that I have worked with in the past had custom requirements. I have experienced that each wedding is unique in terms of themes, location, venue & time duration.

Your investment is entirely based upon the services you choose. I am available to answer your query.

Please reach out to me for your specific requirements for the wedding or event day. I am sure a complimentary call can define most of the information that we can put together to derive a conclusion.


Sidra Saif

Hi Mehreen! I can't thank you enough for capturing the beauty of our day! You did an amazing job, the photos are just stunning! I don't know how to thank you for the superb job you did at our wedding. It makes me a little misty...


Mehreen Nasir is an amazing photographer!!! I love my wedding photos and the photo shoot. Honestly, this girl knows what she is doing and I am so happy with your work. Thank you so much for making my wedding a memorable event with your amazing photography. You have a great talent mashallah.


Jennifer Dean

We were really happy with our pictures. Our wedding was on the beach so the light can be tricky. The pictures are gorgeous and are wonderful memories of this special day.

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