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Canon EOS Rebel T7 - A Review on Buying a Beginner Camera

With technology advancing and camera market overflowing with new cameras and accessories, it is almost confusing on which camera the budget be spent on. I decided to write this blog to emphasize on the Canon camera basics and that which camera is actually worthy of buying that fits the "exploring nature" of a beginner or amateur photographer.

As I had always been using Canon because of its compatibility with the accessories from the other brands and that it delivers good results, I chose Canon EOS Rebel T7 which was launched in 2018. A good choice over an upgraded model "Canon EOS T8" which is introduced in the market in February 2020 and is a little expensive right now. Believe me! Canon EOS Rebel T7 is a great buy for good pictures under favorable budget! Scroll down more to get to know the features of Canon EOS Rebel T7!

With Canon EOS T7, its name varies with the demographics. It is recognized as:

· Canon EOS 1500D in Australia;

· Canon EOS 2000 D in Europe; and

· Canon EOS Kiss X90 in Japan.

Buyers for Canon EOS Rebel T7:

As I mentioned that this camera is a great buy on a favorable budget, I mean it. If you are one of them who wants to operate this as a family camera, take this camera down to your trip with kids or someone who loves to share photos instantly on social media, Go for Canon EOS Rebel T7!

I conclude that the potential customers for Canon EOS Rebel T7 are:

· Teenagers (loves to travel, hang out with friends, share instantly on social media);

· stay-at home parent ( loves to record milestones and special moments of their child's life); and

· Beginners / amateur photographers.

The special Features of Canon EOS Rebel T7:

So what is that unique perspective for Canon EOS Rebel T7 that people can be instantly interested in buying this camera? Well here they go:

· A DSLR camera that gives you better quality of images both for web and print rather than your cell phone;

· A hands on camera with respect to budget. It is also not that heavy in weight like a fully professional camera, hence still providing you good image results;

· You can control the flash. Use the camera on "Program" settings. It will allow you to open up the flash whenever you want and still take pictures at its own set "settings". You will not have to make any other "professional/ advance" settings or adjustments such as shutter speed and aperture etc. I recommend not to use "Auto" at this point as it will pop up flash itself even if you would not require the flashy photographs;

· Here comes the fun part. It has a built in Wi-Fi! It gives you the power to take pictures and transfer them to your smart phone. All you have to do is to download the Canon app and start controlling your camera through your phone! Yes! Being a mommy I can think of it to be the most amazing and relaxing way of taking pictures of "Me and the baby in my lap" ending up in some good image results worthy of printing! And guess what? I am in the picture, too!

· When viewing pictures on Canon EOS T7 camera, You can also choose to play certain pictures based on the:

1. pictures taken on a specific day;

2. videos only;

3. rated only; or

4. all images.

· The camera can be attached to the TV or a screen through HDMI cable. Images can be viewed through the slideshow where it is capable of presenting the slides in various modes as:

1. transition;

2. repeat;

3. with music! Yes, with music, too. (if you have saved any of your favorite track in your Canon EOS T7 camera)

Concluding, it is a good camera with built-in Wifi. It is a capable DSLR providing High Resolution images under favorable budget. It allows you to share the pictures instantly on social media or view them together as a family on wide screen through a slide show with your favorite background music!

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