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...a peep into CLOGGED Stories!

A rainy and a cold day reminds me of staying inside the house with my toddler. I would only invite my toddler to be in the patio and enjoy the rain drops by letting them fall on his palms. I would cuddle up my toddler and he would stretch out his little arm playfully towards the rain, look up in the sky and try to focus on the droplets as if to learn the magical Science of the rain droplets falling one after another in clusters from the huge unreachable sky! And still we do the same.

But the feelings have stirred up a little more in my heart with prayers filled more for the people who are in their homes for so long now. Some of the rain droplets have been replaced by a little bunch of tears that sometimes my heart cries upon. Not forgetting the ones who have been hit hard by the silent Corona enemy and the ones who are fighting for their lives on ventilators.

Must we not forget that the storms does bring destruction ending in silence of sorrows. However, Sun is not yet deprived of its shine. When it shines again, it would shine brightly as the flowers are still blooming and rain is still nourishing them during this Spring, as always!

I would like to know about your well being and that how you are coping with the quarantine. Your story would deeply be an inspiration for me in these times. All of those who are reading this blog must remember that there are people in their homes struggling in their own ways, hence, still praying for one another. And I am one of them! All the prayers...!


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