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Newsletter 03-Recognition for Best Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Shall I greet with the note of "Happy Spring"? Yes! The weather has changed and the flowers are blooming and temperature is warm, too!

I am writing this month's newsletter with great news to share and to post a thankful note to all the people who had been visiting Kay's Coffee Shop, Camarillo last and this month to support the combo of "coffee & Art"!

And this is not over yet. If you had been planning to visit the shop and could not make it. This is the time. The work continues to exhibit... The reason I ask for in person visits is simple: it is a firsthand experience. To feel the paintings and the Giclee Prints is mesmerizing. The in shop sales are also inclusive of the frames (the paintings that are framed) as you would be buying in store and it saves shipping cost at my end. Hence, it is a great deal! Just in case you cannot make to the Kay's Coffee Shop, Camarillo, then you also have the opportunity to buy the prints online.

Photography Time:

The Time for The Big News This Month!

It is truly an honor for me to see my baby business " The Expressions Art Studio" featured as among "The Best Wedding Photographers 2021-Ventura". This amazing news has recalled me all the sleepless nights, additional day hours and all the struggles that I managed to work through along with my toddler and the family life. Providing the strong fundamental base to "The Expressions Art Studio" was not easy. But when the fruitful results appear, I attempt to recall them in just a blink only and would celebrate for the whole life-Forever!

I am happy that "The Expressions Art Studio" aligned perfectly with the criteria accounted for all the aspects such as availability, qualification, reputation, experience and professionalism.

I am therefore, seeking couple who are getting married this or the next year! I am giving away "a complimentary Engagement Photo shoot" for all the couples prior their wedding! If you, or any couple you know, are planning for a photo shoot, then why not opt for "a complimentary engagement photo shoot" that we can plan outdoors at some romantic location - and above all- AT NO COST!

For more details:

I am thankful to Expertise for enlisting my wedding photography work for 2021.

If you like my work, you can support me through making a purchase or leaving a feedback. It helps me grow my small business and kind words are a true magic!


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