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~ Featured Wedding Photographer by Maharani Weddings ~

A magical love story of Umar & Kainat began with the Nikah ceremony held at the local mosque in Lahore where their childhood friendship took a turn towards sweet delicate relationship of being life partners forever.

It was truly a resemblance of the Muslim wedding where men and women reside in separate event halls, the Qaqzi (Priest), asks the Groom and the Bride to sign their marriage bonds and the exchange of hugs among the relatives and the distribution of the party favors, majorly dates. They all contributed to a worth remembered elegant ceremony.

The bride wore a net white lehenga and the groom was dressed in the traditional "shalwar kameez" with the handkerchief nicely crafted and tucked in the pocket of the waist coat. With the hands held high up in the air together, both of their families prayed for the loving & everlasting relationship of Kainat & Umar.

I am glad this Muslim wedding was chosen as the "Featured Wedding" by Maharani Weddings that officially ranked the work as "Published"!

As Maharani Weddings wrote in their blog as:

"Hello there lovely Maharanis! I hope you are ready to enjoy a new gallery because today's celebration of love is not just classy but truly faithful to traditional Pakistani weddings. Kainat & Umar, a couple of young sweethearts and childhood friends accepted each other as life partners, and we have all the details just for you! So, get ready to have a wonderful time and enjoy this fantastic event! Photography by The Expressions Art Studio..."

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