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The Final Milestone!

"Melody & Sandeep’s Engagement Session"

A warm sunny day and a pleasant evening! A juicy pineapple, romance & smile… The best features of Melody’s and Sandeep’s engagement session that I can recall from the scenic spot of the beach and the pier!

This engagement session holds a special place as I witnessed two different persons from different culture backgrounds and ethnicity, yet, love made them close enough to erase these differences. Just celebrate Love!

The warmth of the day was so cozy with the little of the chill in air that made the session a romantic one! The weather was totally in favor of us and the dresses that were chosen by the client truly treated them with comfort while posing, sitting, standing, leaning, hugging & kissing!

I am glad that we were able to photograph the engagement session with comfort and ease that led us to creative photographs that evolved during the transitions of the time and light conditions. We comfortably captured three slots of time in one Session! The golden hour time, the sunset and the evening! It was just perfect!

The results derived concluded glowing shots, silhouettes, low key portraits and the night life of being a couple :)...(no running and screams of the kids, no holding hands of the little ones-just “you & me”….every life has a phase and each phase is tremendous! It’s just that -----------REMEMBER TO PHOTOGRAPH your event and time as it will not be the same again! With each milestone you make a MEMORY!

Coming back to romance and love :), I am happy with the photographs and the objective that we had set to achieve! We marked the final milestone of “BEING A COUPLE” and a gentle transition towards “being HUSBAND & WIFE”!


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