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An Introduction to Mehreen...

As I look upon the starry night, my attention is driven towards the sparkling stars. All so sparkly, like the silver glitter has been spread out to adorn Earth's roof. It resonates the ongoing celebrations that rejuvenates a soul. Night does not appear to be a black scary night anymore. It proves to be the night full of life and rhythm with the stars in continuous movement. And these stars are the Artists that play their role well in contributing in their own spectacular way to the community. And I am just one little spec among those giant glittery stars. I might sometimes fade away in the light of Sun but remains devoted while practicing the Visual Arts!

With my brief introduction, I work as a Freelance Artist in the fields of Wedding/ Event Photography and Arabic Calligraphy and I enjoy learning and practicing both with passion and love for my work!

I believe that I hold personal attachment to my client's projects as a Wedding/ Event Photographer. I am not commissioned for the calligraphy painting just for the sake of "painting". My clients hold precious bonding with these mediums. Each event of theirs has a personal memory and each painting comes with the self expression of my clients. My strategy is to be engaged and develop bonding from my heart and pour out my own soul in these artworks!

And throughout this journey of ten years, I have come a long way where I feel loved that my clients became my friends and many of my friends became my clients who held trust in my capabilities!

I cannot thank them enough for their "Forever support"!

When I am not photographing or painting, you will find me spending time with my family and caring for my plants, reading, cycling, running and supporting community's wellness causes!

My thought about Life:

You live for once, live fully by defeating sorrows - live in a simple yet productive way - Meditate on the reason for your presence - Be as much close to Nature to know your Creator!

For portfolio:

To support my work by purchasing photo prints and Calligraphy Paintings/ prints:

For commissioned calligraphies/ event photography, please contact at

I promise I can be your reliable Photographer and Painter for your upcoming project!



P.s: The blogs/ written data, the artwork, photographs and images are under copyright policy. They cannot be altered, manipulated, copied, recreated or distributed in any form of Print or Social Media for personal or commercial usage without written consent of the Artist. Thanks


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