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COVID-19 "Era"- The Reconnect Therapy

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Creative Image Idea & Execution: Ibrahim Nasir

With the current sad scenario of terror, fear and grief, we have gradually been enrolled in the session of "Reconnect Therapy" that I must persist we all needed in one form or the other, though emphasizing by not flipping the means of lives that we are going through together in the wilderness.

But let's not enhance the isolation period of the darkness and, indeed, be more productive with the time that we still have. Flowers still bloom and the winds blow, too!

This is the span of time where we have luckily fallen in love with the families again. We tend to have more minutes to spend with our loved ones, hence, switching from the "Machine Life" automated with alarm clocks and google reminders to a normal life surrounded with giggles and laughter of the children. The time has slowed down. The lives have taken a break in the midst of chaos and terror. The darkness does prevail but the sunshine of relations still is very bright. The families are living in a state of "unemployment zone" where meeting the needs of the meals on per day basis is almost unmanageable. But let's not forget the blessing of the healthy family members that we some of the people still have. The cries of the loved ones at the unforeseen death of the family member cannot be neglected. But let's not underestimate the joy that comes with the noises that children make. The utensils that they pretend to cook in. Or spilling the paint over the floors...These will one day be memories. May we try to bring the utmost of it? Is it a time to make the most out of the relations?

P.S I am so excited for the positive input by my 7-year old son. The wonderful thought that he came up with at the dinner time that actually made me create a link between the happy mind of my child with my blog during these sad times.


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