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Newsletter 02- Islamic Art Exhibition @ Kay's Coffee Shop

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

02 Newsletter February 2021

A very warm "Hello" !

I am glad to write this month's newsletter with the ongoing Islamic Exhibition at the Kay's Coffee Shop, Camarillo. The concept of sharing the newsletter is totally for those who might have missed the news on social media or perhaps require a friendly reminder for an amazing in-person visit for Kay's coffee and the Art show! LOL...

The grand news is the development of love among the community & its members, a strong connection and thoughts to support small businesses altogether, understanding + motivation and the list goes on with all the positive words...

So here comes the highlights from the previous 10 days- The tasty coffee from Kay's Coffee Shop & the art from The Expressions Art Studio has come together under one roof to blend and promote love, kindness & understanding even more than before! I must say the beautiful step taken from Melinda at Kays Coffee shop will cover great paths ahead!

The art work at the show compromises of the Holy scriptures taken as an inspiration from Holy Quran, patterns from the Historical architecture and art found in the Muslim History. These patterns are remarkable and are based on calculated geometry. Though, I am a newbie at the "pattern game", but I am thoroughly enjoying learning and implementing them in my work.

Those who have not visited yet, It is recommended for an in-person visit to the Kay's Coffee shop, Camarillo to experience the Giclee Prints, an opportunity to grab "prints with frames"(the ones that are with frame) that costs no shipping as you are picking up from the coffee shop. You have the opportunity to browse the Art at the coffee shop, have great coffee and enjoy this upcoming weekend! Of course, maintaining social distancing guidelines and the masks are required at the shop! The Exhibition is good through the end of March, 2021. Here is the link to Online Pictures of the exhibition:

If you would like a brief overview of the prints and what to expect at the Kay's coffee shop, please visit my online shop:

With the photography latest, I am involved in the headshot assignments and family sessions for the Spring season. The weather seems calm, warm and great for family hugs and kisses worth to be remembered through photographs. If you would like to book your upcoming mini photo session for the spring season, send me an e-mail at: or write to me at: with the preferred location and the number of family members. I look forward to fulfill your requirement with great responsibility.

And if you like my work, you can support me through Leaving a feedback at:

And one great news: You can find me on yelp now! Hip Hip Hooray!

It helps me grow my small business and kind words are a true magic!


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