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Newsletter1-The Beginning of the Year 2021

Since the start of the new year or let's say connecting the past year with 2021, I had been working on Photography projects, learning new patterns from the History and creating some paintings.

Let's begin with the area of Photography where these days I am photographing family sessions, Headshots and products and looking forward to weddings/ event photography.

Recently, I had been engaged with the baby's photo shoot (pictures attached). This was a memorable photo session because despite of multiple discussions prior to the session and preparations, what a baby did at the last moment was very much unexpected. Yes! The baby that was to be photographed had fall asleep, very much deep in sleep!

Well well well! What could be done? I had to be creative with the props around. The baby was at the stage where he was neither counted as a newborn ( that I could wrap him up and do sleep poses or a good sitter ( and definitely not while he was sleeping!). I just had the choice of playing around with the angles and the props!

Though, luckily I was able to grab some of his 5 minute shots while he was awake!

Conclusion...I always try the best what can be done according to the situation. These ups and downs apply to every session that we do outdoors because at the moment it could be cloudy, drizzling or perhaps like an accident on the way where my client got stuck in the traffic jam! We had to cancel the shoot that day!

Coming back to the work progress these days, the patterns are being given the form of painting and are twisted, sliced and diced to fit into my themes that I am working on. Lately, I have figured out some silver and golden sheets to incorporate them in my paintings. The date and ability to purchase them online will be announced in February! Stay tuned! These are shipped at no additional cost within USA and if you find it hard to buy the hand made, there are always the options to purchase digital prints that cost relatively favorable!

For any of your questions/ queries regarding my paintings and photography work. please contact me at or text me at: (805)-397-9392. I would be glad to answer your queries and would love to work for you!


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