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Preserving Elements of Your Wedding Event

The day of the eagerly awaited event is the day that is a blend of decor and perfection, reception and excitement and music and joy! Yes, this is a day that commences the new chapter in the couple's life and promises the companion ship of happiness and sorrows, all shared together under one roof!

On the broader scale, I have tremendously enjoyed exploring diversity in various traditions and being part of these events where no matter to which belief or culture the couple belongs to, the preparation for the wedding day are passionately practiced by each bride and groom along with their families.

I love the choice of colors that are so different among the cultures that compliments the wedding day. Either it be the widely chosen reds and yellows in the Indian or the Pakistani wedding events or it is the White gown that the majority of the Western bride wears, they equally add to the delicacy and celebration aspect to the brides on their day.

And how can one forget the aesthetically chosen decorations that creates the mood of the event. Being the Wedding Photographer, I have concluded that the environment truly compensates the turn out of the photographs. It does support the mood and emotions that are present in the final output of the images. Either the images are vibrant , soft, romantic or high in voltage ( specifically relating to the dance floor ones), the surrounding elements does add to the beauty and completion of the Images. The priority during photographing is to add the surrounding supportive elements that can represent my Bride's and Groom's association with that specific day and yet make it memorable in such a way that with every turn of the album's page, the day's happenings begin to stream live again !


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