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Rose and My Rosette

The beautiful rose from my yard! And my left over design that I completed today. The rosette from the historical Islamic design and geometry has finally taken its shape! Love the Art from the Islamic History.

With much thanks to my Senior Artists and Mentors! I would love to share their thoughts in one of my future feeds. Stay Tuned!

But for today, its one of my thought...

"I had seen my yard grow roses and some of them taken away by the wind. Today, I plucked one and gave life in the slender container filled with water. I noticed it was still Fragrant as it was while rooted and nourished in the soil. I could only hold the thought that you do things you are capable of doing. And the characteristic you are born with- YOU FLOURISH WITH IT. No matter if the winds are against you or in your favor. Its just your determination & God's will. If you work on spreading fragrance, you will do that despite of being plucked! And if you are meant to prick, you will do so no matter if you are deeply rooted in the soil and stand firm and sharp. Just the conclusion, that even if the rose is plucked, it is done so very carefully as not to drop the single petal or ruin its beauty. And even when it is adorned in the container, the thorns are discarded away- very Brutally!"

Not to forget, God has kept the options open to choosing one direction over another... On that note, I would remind that my work and blogs hold the copyright to its own Artist.

You can DM me for commissions and pattern and Photography projects at:

Much love and the roses 🌺🌺🌹🌺 Mehreen


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