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The Collapse

The colorful celebrations of festive has revived in my mind that I had been a part of many in my freelance photography career, capturing many shots of the fun and glowing happenings. But it does not let me weaken the capacity to feel the sorrows of the shattered lives.

The cloudy sky, the blowing winds and the month of May in Southern California...The amazing sea breeze that softly kissed my brown cheeks and provoked me to photograph the sea, the shore, the birds and today's fully bloomed roses!

Amidst of my capture and creation scenario, I was stroked by the poisoned arrow of fearless murder of a Black human. Yes! it was a "FEARLESS" ACT that was perhaps not surrounded by a kind thought at that moment.

That was a VIVID MURDER! All visible and on stage before the audience where people's voice once again gained the strength and the news captured all the attention. Thus, it was the time when history had repeated itself once more just to remind us that we still fall segmented on the basis of race and color.

Let's talk about the un-narrated incidents and sorrows! The lives that are butchered by assassinating the emotions and sentiments that are a treasure to 'somebody" but not anything to "anybody". Are we living under a "jungle rule"? Alas! a jungle still runs according to a norm. We have lost the social norms, the etiquette and respect for the "other" being. We are roaring in our own individual way, yet, to make a powerful impact but decreeing to the lowest point where there is only a pool of blood, hunger, butchered sentiments and sorrows.

The heart breaking incident could not bring color to my work. I ended up photographing a beautiful pink rose and the bud all encompassed by the green foliage... but in black and white. It deepens my sorrow more and crushes my heart when at the peak of Spring season, I captured it as a "Monochrome" one.

This artwork is available for sale in print sizes 6"x 9", 8"x 12" and 16"x 20". You can support the Artist by purchasing the image/ images in Print or digital formats. Perhaps, the image holds a unique perspective to you or the one you are buying for. To request a quote/ place the order:

Please contact at: with detail on size and location to be shipped at. Currently, I am offering free shipping for USA and CANADA. For other countries, the shipping charges may apply accordingly.

Please share your thoughts in comments or drop me an email at: I am eager to know about your thoughts and view points.

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