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The Perfect Blend- Hide & Click!

I walked towards the location as I passed by each colorful tree that was shedding its leaves on the path under the warm sunshine. The park was lush green, the pond's water was clear with floating ducks and turtles on the rocks.

The client chose the Gazebo and decorated impressively before the Birthday Girl would appear at the scene. It was just so magical!

The dance class was organized at the Gazebo and it all had to be photographed in a "detective mode". Yes! The actual stunt was to capture the whole magical experience for the birthday girl by photographing from the distance as the girl would receive her "surprise pictures" with a few posed ones from the last half of the event!

The work was challenging as it involved capturing from distance in the area where local public was sometimes in the shots. But with great "hide and seek" skills, the photographs did their magic well as if no public was there!

I am glad that I was part of the client's "Surprise Game" where the colors of love were as soft as the pastel shades and each scene from the love story revealed the pure essence of celebration.

All the written content and photographs are the original work from the Artist and are, therefore, copyright protected.

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