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The Stunning Sea Shore!

Amidst of the musical sea shore- The Sea Shore- or a stunning sea shore! That was dressed up marvelously with the pearls gifted to her by the waves that strongly kissed the rocks not just once but multiple times!

This was our selected location for the photo shoot for the day at Malibu. We had planned for sun kissed photos. But despite of our expectations, the day turned cloudy. The place where we live was sunny and the beach was cloudy! Pretty contradictory, Huh!

However, Debika was very welcoming to the weather on that day and she proceeded with the photo shoot with all the positive attitude. Her flared dress complimented the weather very well. She was creative enough to alter her dress selection at the very last moment and this clearly was depicted in those "beachy photos"- very contrasting to the clouds and very subtle! Moreover the props really proved the best friends of Debika in the photos! I cannot thank enough Debika for being a valued client who followed the poses with keen interest and was ready to jump in water and hike the cliff!

The Portraits of Debika resulted as soft and musical.

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Looking forward to talk to you soon!

Love, Mehreen


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